The pace that I write seems to be a matter of “self-image” dare I call it the New Age. In other words, I mean, that I see myself as I write; not New Age at all. I am seeing myself, quite unnicely I might add, in light of how fast or slow I write. If I write fast, I feel I have good “self-image”. If I write slow, I feel like I have a poor “self-image”. Of course, that is a generalization and I write at the pace that flows at the time and that depends on how much thinking I must do. Whether fast or slow, what does “self-image” matter when I am writing? And at the pace the suits me at the time. What does it really matter?

The mentor

Then I am reminded, in the throes of writing a piece frantically. Remember the lesson? The one in the classroom? All those years ago? It felt like the lesson Luke Skywalker had to learn in the cave and correct his “inner demon”. What a crock. Gotta correct my inner demon? Nah. Yes, I remember that scene now. Just a movie scene. It was like Indiana Jones understanding something for the first time. But, for me, it was understanding something more than one time. I have been recalling it more often than usual. The wise words. The word that offers guidance the right way. So, when I am writing something, I remember the mentor’s words and apply it where appropriate. My affection goes out to the mentor: your guidance in writing helps, I think. Indeed, it does…

Moving on with stories

In 2014, the Archbishop signaled hope for the world and stories of good news as one of the contributors. Stories could contribute to healing the world, he said. It has all to do with “natural theology” he told me, as the final film in The Hobbit was released. Here was what he said about natural theology and stories in 2014:

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If Allegro Non Troppo was a film to see in 1979, but was released in Italy in 1976 and the rest of the world later, then another film seen in 1979 was, among a few others, Apocalypse Now (1979).

Forget Agatha, Airport ’79-The Concorde and The Amityville Horror. Some were a bit kind to Animalympics, but co-winner of the Cannes Film Festival Best Film award (in 1979), Apocalypse Now! is a stand out of cinema and perhaps the definitive war film from the 1970’s (not recommended for instances of violence, language, and nudity, though…just so that you know what to expect)—

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