One tried writing in a new genre, but try may not be enough, unless a natural. Can get published with a lot of luck or predestination, perhaps. Keep on doing writing exercises until reasonably sure, though. It may work or it does not look like working. Get a neutral person to read it and get feedback, someone who can be objective. Am I trying too hard or is this going is the wrong direction? It will work itself out…

What if?

I call this writing experimentation “writing exercises”, like we did at school. A writing exercise has a time-frame to complete, a certain amount of words to finish, and is a certain genre. At the end one discovers if one is going to realistically be a writer in that genre…or could improve…on the way.

Rhapsody #writerslife

Though I could somehow “adapt”, I don’t take the risk. Anyhow, not everything is going to be good.

Despite the subjects being of common, I came from another approach.

So, the lesson of this story is: the commonality is the subject, the differences the approach to the subject and the kind of content used.

It’s good a thing to know if one is heading in the ‘wrong’ direction.

Save one’s self some agony down the road when the article would have been rejected if one had submitted it.


I didn’t consider every publication, but I would have liked to. I think I almost did. It felt like it at times. With all that leg work, or my fingers doing the walking as I combed those writer’s guides. But although some were lucrative, and I could have made an effort to ‘cater to the market’, many would not fit in with me.