“She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes,” sang Johnny as he made it home. He opened the letterbox. “Oh, well,” he said. The parcel had not come. Next time, he thought. It will come.

The next day, he sang the same song as he walked home. But the parcel was not there.

Johnny became a little anxious. Would he even get his parcel? He went into his bedroom and laid on his comfy bed. Rest after a hard day’s work and something came over him. A sense of sheer hope that his parcel would be coming—sometime.


Busyness de-centers. It puts one off-kilter. Busyness escalates tension. I don’t like the word busy. I want to be centered. Yet some people will insist on busyness; in front of me! All coiled up, but should unwind…busy people sound to me as if they are doing nothing of worth. In a flurry, without reflecting on a thing. It sounds as if nothing gets done. Calmness and serenity centers, putting peace through one’s soul. A good place to be when one is working.

Don’t lozse them!

“Don’t lose those notes,” she told her brother. It sounded like lozse. “What did you say?” The bro could not hear her properly, so he thought. “Don’t lozse the notes!” Oh, he said. “Don’gt lozse the notes, you say. But I have! What am I going to do?” Don’t be sorry if you can’t find them, she comforted. Regret peeled back over his face and sunk heavily on his lip. He regained his composure. Don’t worry, he thought. It does not matter. I wish I had those notes though. Wishing would not bring them back. But, then again, all he needed was one Great Idea.

I believe in revision

Because the piece would sound terrible if I did not revise. Sometimes, I can get away without revising, but most times I must. It shows that one is not perfect the first time. There will be mistakes and errors that go unnoticed the first time, so when one comes back to the piece, one sees the problems and fixes them. Revision is hard work, but can produce beautiful work.