The following was written at another time, for what it is worth today. Still, a sample of life, somewhere, somehow, somebody, everybody. It’s about work-life balance which confronts us today by external events, but this article was written when things were ‘normal’. I’d like to publish it because it’s a piece from my past which I reworked today. I cringe publishing it, but what the heck. I guess these principles still apply.

Work can actually be fantastic and so can rest. Without working, our time away from it may not be as appreciated. Perhaps for someone to appreciate rests and breaks, one has been working and can really appreciate a rest and a break!

When I think of grumpy Monday mornings, when we start the working week, or whatever day one starts, and when we face the fight to keep on working, or complain about work, that is when we don’t really like working and prefer rests and breaks to work. But there is balance between work and rest which is healthy in the long run.

As we all know, breaks are the mortal’s way to rejuvenate. If we don’t break we could breakdown. We can work too much! In fact, there are even laws around how many hours one should be working in a day to protect the health of workers.

One works, one rests. All together in a way that beneficial to the person. And if one can’t work, one may find things to do, and balancing it with rest.


The musing said to the aspiring novelist, who was getting no younger: Hope the younger ones do for the traditional publishers that are still going, depending on what they would write for them. Nothing short than…May just find something else. Something better. So, for you, I will keep the possibility of ‘afresh’ avenues open, as should the younger ones. But keep knocking on the door, from time to time.

Rising up

Whatever you do do it well-

Walt Disney

I’d like to avoid the difficult editing stages of polishing a piece of writing, so I may delay doing it, even so ending up having to do it, because I just gotta. It is thinking about what I want out of the piece that motivates me to “rise up” mentally and take the bull to the horns as they say. Without a good polish, I am left with regret and sorrow over a piece that could have been so much better with a polish. Then, there’s someone saying, “it’s all good” which makes me feel better, but not reassured. To be reassured is knowing that the piece is good in my own mind–but thanks for the encouragement, very much. Keep on polishing until satisfied.


Years ago, I wondered what this meant:

A sluggard says, “There’s a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets!”

Proverbs 26:13 (NIV Bible)

I think I get it now. I could leave it at that and ask my reader, what do you think it means, but I like to share what I think it means first, because it compels me to share.

I think this proverb means that a sluggard is someone who is afraid to do hard work. The sluggard won’t go outside, to go to work, because a lion is on the streets. Lions like work can be hard to tame and one might get killed if going outside when a lion is there. One may think that working hard will kill you. But I say, if you have no good reason not to work, you should.

Years ago I could not see what this proverb was actually saying–so I took it literally meaning that someone would not go outside if there really was a lion on the street. But that did not make sense somehow so I wondered what it really meant. Although I have never forgotten it. This proverb is a striking use of language that immediately gets the senses going…and when I revisited that proverb again, I finally got it.


At school, I was commended for being able to focus on my studies in the reality of a noisy classroom. But I think my teacher was really saying he was finding the modern-day classroom extremely challenging! His words were not as kind when I failed to impress on a matter of local history. Yet focusing makes me persevere on a project or task. Just carry through with the project until complete—no matter the environment. And so up to the present time, I try to get the job done with where ever my writing life leads me.