Eye on it

Writing is always a nuisance when you got a zillion other things to do in the order of a day. Writing is always in view, though. And in fact I am onto a devotion right away! And a zillion other pieces. They say my enthusiasm is infectious, it seems that way, but they also say I have a way with words, so I can make things sound enthusiastic when they are not. But I do have a piece to get onto rather promptly and am looking forward to writing it–it’s just the matter of getting it right that frightens me.


The conversation would have gone like this so I imagine. We were in the studio, two of us sitting there. There was a song on the playlist. A decent song, about being faithful forever to this girl. The guy across from me said that song was selected because of its meaning. Faithfulness. I said, “Have you heard all their other songs? Affairs and yet another lover? So, I doubt your judgment. Your judgment is 1 + 1 = 3.” He looked down on that one, but in a moment, pressed the button and played the song. “It doesn’t matter, does it? It does not matter to what we are doing here.” I listened and saw what he was saying. Yeah, it was just a contradiction playing that song, but I pondered over that. Would someone notice the inconsistency? Would it be wrong? Was not enough thought put into it? Or, indeed, did it really matter to them? I went away that day thinking about the human soul and the intersecting lines through it, but without a critical voice to manage it, who would? I guess when it came to the fluidity of soul it all flushes out and works out in the wash. Tomorrow it will be forgotten, except if the critic appeared, to ruin the flow, a taste of whistleblowing.


This was written fifteen years ago…

Jack shouldn’t have, but the bored customer service representative was reading about situation ethics at work. Jack felt he shouldn’t have been reading at work. It was night and the shop was quiet, but he still felt he should be doing something productive, even in the quiet times. However, he needed to learn about situation ethics from reading a book. Nervous, he anxiously looked around to see if the cameras were observing him doing something he shouldn’t be. But the cameras just stared back at him blankly.

This is not only the reader’s dilemma, of when one wants to read, but should be working. This may be some writer’s dilemma: when one should write, but doesn’t and feels one should be. What does one do? Give up the day job? Write during the day job? Or just be sensible about the whole thing and take things in their own time and place?

I think be sensible, really, and loyal to whatever is required in a certain situation. That’s best, although Jack felt the finger reaching for the pen and paper, when a customer walked in. He thought: I really got to get a handle on this job. It was night and not many customers were coming through…yet there was something he could be doing on the job.


The following was written at another time, for what it is worth today. Still, a sample of life, somewhere, somehow, somebody, everybody. It’s about work-life balance which confronts us today by external events, but this article was written when things were ‘normal’. I’d like to publish it because it’s a piece from my past which I reworked today. I cringe publishing it, but what the heck. I guess these principles still apply.

Work can actually be fantastic and so can rest. Without working, our time away from it may not be as appreciated. Perhaps for someone to appreciate rests and breaks, one has been working and can really appreciate a rest and a break!

When I think of grumpy Monday mornings, when we start the working week, or whatever day one starts, and when we face the fight to keep on working, or complain about work, that is when we don’t really like working and prefer rests and breaks to work. But there is balance between work and rest which is healthy in the long run.

As we all know, breaks are the mortal’s way to rejuvenate. If we don’t break we could breakdown. We can work too much! In fact, there are even laws around how many hours one should be working in a day to protect the health of workers.

One works, one rests. All together in a way that beneficial to the person. And if one can’t work, one may find things to do, and balancing it with rest.