Word clutter, meaning?

Can you see the meaning?

1.mug-gullible person, easily persuaded or deceived

2.adjective lugubrious.-doleful (mournful, dreary, dismal)

3.large thick-skinned mammal, noun: pachyderm, adjective: pachydermatous

(The Oxford Dictionary)


The word for today is empty. What can one do with the word empty? Does it have a use? Or is it empty of meaning? No, empty means something. It has definition. We understand the word empty. Even this word that means ‘nothing’ describes something.


There’s a surprising, kind of frightening word in “Wayfarer” which for me conjures up a supernaturally dark mystery, but my fears are unfounded, as it actually means someone who travels on foot. There’s a whole chapter devoted to Wayfarer in the “Wind in the Willows” which is what I have been reading today. Almost finished.

This was interesting

Words and phrases are keys to the arsenal of a writer, a vocabulary and how words are put together. One phrase I remember from my reading today, which sticks in my memory, is the phrase “holier-than-thou ideologies”. Very interesting.

Saying ‘everything’

If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, the word everything‘s become computerized. But as a lesson in writer’s ABC, as a writer, you can’t say everything. That’s what they will tell you and it’s right. Although one may say everything, it’s quite vague. Everything is the short-cut when one can’t be bothered explaining what everything is. Or one is just ignorant and doesn’t know what everything is, one just feels it’s true.