They’d say the time is high nigh for taking out books on end of the world scenarios but in the first months of the latest worldwide catastrophe that would have been unthinkable as people were wanting uplifting positive stories. And this is still the case in many places. I remember watching the Care Bears Movie during lockdown, one, because I was strangely curious, and two, it sounded quite a pleasant movie to watch during the time. I didn’t mind seeing those teddies spread their love and care around to those in need. It even had one of those ‘this is why he’s like this’ scenarios and the care bears tried to help him on that, as unlikely as this whole reason for being sort of thing might be for children’s movies, given it is something adults may understand more than kids, yet kids may learn something about being understanding….

A few weeks earlier I was called by a relative and gave my view on the pandemic in the ‘heat of the moment’, as I was trying to piece together a complicated jigsaw from various pieces of information, and wondered aloud if we were in the ‘end times’. It’s something that occurs to me often when a plague occurs, probably because the impression I get in times like these is built on what I hear and believe about out of control events. But as we moved out of lockdown I calmly realized life was getting back back to normal and I had feared what could have happened if we had been getting closer to the end in sudden fashion, due to perhaps paying attention to all those last times preachers.

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Why do we have to use the word Therefore? I use it, but don’t like using this rather stuffy, formal expression. Who knows what it even means. I use it because it is a convenient word to use when required.

Are you suited?

Today’s word is suited. It’s a word that means one fits in. In other words, you are suited for something or other. You have the abilities, personality, character for something or other that will make something you are suited for a success. I’ve liked that word. It’s a safe, secure word with definition. I know where I stand with suited. It’s one of those words where you just know the meaning. Because, I think, you and I know our limitations, we know when we are suited for something or other. For some tasks and jobs, it might just take a little trying out first. Then, we’d know if we are suited.

L is for impact

The letter ‘L’ is not the least of the letters even it just comes before the weightier letters M , N, and P , with O stuck in between there. L is the letter that brings us love, Latin, longitude, lavish, live, and life. All good words. What’s the lesson? Just because one is behind the more significant letters does not mean one is not making an impact…