There’s this little song by Bruce Springsteen that has a big theme. “Ain’t Got You” is from his Tunnel of Love album that was released in 1987. The album came after the blockbuster album of his, Born in the USA. Tunnel of Love had significantly less fanfare, but coming after Born in the USA, I thought I better have a listen, back in the day. The opening track “Ain’t Got You” is about having almost everything the world could give someone, riches, fame, adulation, success, but still feeling like you’re missing something. I suppose that is a common theme in song and literature, but it can be true to life itself, as there may be times when one feel something’s missing in my life…I ain’t got you. It may not be a girl or whoever, it may be anything, something, or something one feels one needs but cannot define what that may be.

Stories that go on forever

Creators don’t like people saying that only 1 episode matters.The creator says, it all matters (They also tell the picky fans to get a life). Scope. Some like their series to never end. That’s true scope. One part after the other that continues the story on and on. The thrill of the chase. Obviously, creators enjoy setting up a narrative, a propelling, never ending scope for their story. It’s the major arc. Creators love the thrill of filling in the detail and working out the finer things that link to the next episode and the next one and so on. Hard work, but thrilling. Creators love series and so do audiences, but a few like the story to finish in one film, book, or whatever medium it’s in. That’s how I see it. 

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A close shave

A metaphor: If you ever get lost, remember the guidance of the Heavenly Father, and slip into safety…

There was once a train track that went through a tunnel. The tunnel was by a summit, surrounded by green, lovely hills. When people walked and spoke in the tunnel, it echoed. They were not allowed to walk through it, though. But if they walked through it, they were in danger of a fatal collision if they collided with a train.

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