Saying ‘everything’

If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, the word everything‘s become computerized. But as a lesson in writer’s ABC, as a writer, you can’t say everything. That’s what they will tell you and it’s right. Although one may say everything, it’s quite vague. Everything is the short-cut when one can’t be bothered explaining what everything is. Or one is just ignorant and doesn’t know what everything is, one just feels it’s true.

Watch your language

Writing can be an instinctual process. Sometimes, I may not be thinking too much about what gets put down on paper or how my words are looking on the computer screen. The writing can get ahead of me. But if I am not careful, I may say something unintended. Must consciously pay attention to the text: watch my language and take care of the expression. This care in writing is to make sure of the intended meaning; say something the way it’s meant. Even if I mistakenly communicate an unintended meaning, I’m not going to lose myself over it, but cannot emphasize enough that getting the text in its intended form will prevent a lot of heartache especially when it comes to the major points. This is especially true when it’s utterly imperative one gets it right in all aspects, in the newspapers for example, or a novel. But even websites as well would do good by adhering to a rule of thumb: say it right way, and get the facts correct, at all times.

The right word

“States” could have been “suggests”, “odd one out” should have been “unmarried”, “among them” could have been edited out. Some of the minor pitfalls of my early work. Some words I may have used thoughtlessly yet there was a better word that I could have used, to better reflect the meaning and the overused words could have been expunged. The minor pains of my early writing.