These would be interesting historical studies: The French Revolution, the American Civil War, the Russian Revolution, the Italian Risogimento, and the Italian Resistance in World War II. Where to start? I would start with the Russian Revolution as this arouses my interest most, the reason may be that I missed studying Russian history at High School and I have become increasingly curious about the subject over the years. That tells me something. But, yes, a bit of history never hurts, something to read, study even, and learn from…when one is able to.

What do you mean?

But no one needs to tell him that. It is pretty self-evident. Pretty self-evident, you say? Come off it. It’s hardly obvious. Yes, it is, obvious! Nah, it’s not, but what I am getting at is the current state of academic inquiry into almost everything…It’s hardly obvious what they are getting at. Twenty theories for almost anything, eh.