When praying

In the gospel, Jesus taught his disciples to pray. He is teaching all of us how to pray, if we take on board the “how to pray” part of the gospel. Jesus taught how to pray through the Lord’s prayer. My prayers can be instinctual rather than scripted and arise out of the moment, but I believe Jesus is giving us good advice in how to pray, which I share with you as well as myself. Before I describe what Jesus taught and what I interpret his teaching on prayer as, let me say that prayer can start by addressing God or putting our minds on God. I believe God is outward, not inward, so this post on prayer takes the outward in how to address God.

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With God’s power

The sin or base nature is in every human being which can cause a fully blown sin, an act of evil or darkness, something which displeases God. But God can give us the power to overcome. It’s the sin nature in us that can cause us to act out its propensities, in whatever form. The sin nature is inherited through the Fall. The sin nature is a base nature which has come to everyone. But God can help subdue the sin in us when we receive the power of God in our lives. God’s power can anchor the soul away from sin, but we will always have a nature prone to wrong while on earth. God’s power can overcome it, yet it can raise its ugly head from time to time. We can choose to ask for God’s power to help us in those times. With God’s power, we may get strong victories in some areas.

The message

Carrying on from the previous post, what is the message of the cross that it is so powerful? Even more powerful than people’s power? Here are my thoughts: Jesus hanging on the cross looks like defeat, but there’s a hidden power behind the cross. The power of the cross is like a whirlwind, a storm of supernatural origin that one can’t see, but is something that operates in the spiritual realm. This power is power over sin and death that can help a human being overcome sin and receive eternal life rather than eternal death. God’s power suffices instead of human power, to overcome the problems of sin and death in individual lives. All one has to do is believe in the One God sent to die on the cross, who is Jesus, and one can be set free from sin and death.

God gives life

God is a giver of life. Through God all things that are good were made. This life is given to all people as God’s creations. God breathes life into us, animates our being. The breath of life is a wonderful thing, from above, in us, through us, around us.

The unknown

An underrated film is 1984’s 2010. I’ve watched it again and enjoyed every minute of it, more so than before. There is something spiritual about this film which for me gives it more buoyancy. It shows me there is something more out there and that someone is trying to get through to us.

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