One of the themes at the movies asks if there is more to this life. It is there in horrors — something other worldly and usually rotten invades the real world — it is there in drama — as in At Eternity’s Gate (2018) where Van Gogh needs something more to paint on his canvas, perhaps a glimpse of the after world in its goodness is seen in nature. Is it there in spiritual fantasy — Field of Dreams (1989) where a voice guides a farmer to build baseball stadium, and in biblical epics — King of Kings (1961) where the Son of God ‘arrives’ on earth as a man. In my experience, there is more to this life, and in the experience of others. From a Christian perspective, the language of the Christian’s book, the Bible, is spiritual and informs us of a God beyond this world and involved with this world and in Jesus Christ who can give spiritual life to spiritually dead people. Yes, there is more to this life.

To know

The idea that we can have a bird’s eye view of life — be that God’s perspective — is impossible for human beings. Although some people believe they do have God’s perspective on life. The “bird’s eye view”. The bible verse that says one has the “mind of Christ” is used as justification for the bird’s eye view or God’s view. But this verse cannot mean what it sounds like. If one reads the surrounding verses, passages, chapters, and books, one may get a better grasp of its actual meaning in light of these other passages. It does not sound, therefore, that “the mind of Christ” is what they say it means, being that we actually have Christ’s mind through the Spirit or a believer does. To say believers in Christ have the mind of Christ would be saying too much anyway and to quote that verse as literally as it does get quoted is I’m sorry to say thoughtless.

Saying we cannot know God’s view of things, does not mean we cannot know things about God. I will never have God’s mind, but I can still know things about God without going as far as knowing everything that God does. The same temptation to know like Goes does was what the Devil offered Adam and Eve in the Bible. Of course, I won’t know what God knows anyhow, so why give in to the temptation to know as God does. God is God, above; the scriptures or the Bible bear this out clearly. Gratefully, we can still know things about God, here, down below, on earth.


The quality I see before me

Is a quality I cherish most

That non-violence is the virtue

That liquidizes the soul

Into the soothing pool

Of my inner-most desire


Eternity is the next life. It is so real that I think God ingrained it in the cosmos and universe as a reflection of the eternal dimension. Why am I writing about eternity? Because eternity is mentioned in the film At Eternity’s Gate (2018) which is my film of the week. I try to get the most out of films when I watch them, so At Eternity’s Gate, as the title suggests, offered eternity as a theme, among a complexity of other themes and shades. Eternity is referenced in the film, twice if I remember rightly. Once, Van Gogh says he’s thinking about his relationship to eternity, and when someone asks him, what’s eternity, and Van Gogh replies it’s the next life. It’s a religious statement, but also a profound statement: “The next life”. I love that. The next life. Life that goes on and on. Beauty. Loveliness. Bliss. Forever Paradise. Van Gogh believed in beauty and saw it in nature and waited for it in the everlasting life. Everlasting or eternal life is the opposite of death for eternity.¬†Eternal life or life for eternity all comes down to pure life: and life is positive.