He turned around as the boss opened the door and blushed. It was another episode on the latest law series with a decided agenda at that. The meaning of which became obvious later on.

The one

I only thought of myself,
In a moment with her.

Then I thought about what she said,
And it made me sad.

Something makes you be nice to me.
I don’t know why it is.

I guess you need acceptance
And I’m the one you seek.

I only thought of myself in a moment with you.
You only thought of me.


In dry pocket there’s a moldy wallet,
Reeked cents more than flash trouser legs.
Stretched out his legs in the backseat row,
Skimped the poor box, couldn’t give another cent,
Stretching out his hands, with tears streaming down, to receive the wooden box, littered with empty shells and coins
All thoughts and songs.