A.I.’s who look like this, in A.I. (2001). Played by Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law.

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So, I hear, artificial intelligence is coming to a world near you or your great grandchildren’s. Would it look more like Terminator or A.I.? A. I. (2001; Warnings: Disturbing thematic elements, violent content, and sex-related material.) poses a question, whether deliberately or implicitly, of what would it mean to have artificial lifeforms in the human world?

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Didn’t see this coming

When I found out that there was an actual Star Trek movie, I found out in a movie book that I read in 1983. It amazed me that there was an original Star Trek movie. The networking was so bad in 1979 that I only found out about Star Trek three years later. By then, I hadn’t seen it. I only got to read the movie classifieds in the newspapers on the odd occasion. I have wondered what Star Trek: The Motion Picture would look like on the big screen if they had informed me earlier. Other people saw the movie then but being current eluded us for some reason. Star Trek just wasn’t on my radar. But they said it wasn’t that good, so I hadn’t missed much. About twenty-five years later, when I watched it for the first time, after work one day, I was looking for the flaws in it, because I was informed it was bad. Then I watched it again, forty years after its release, and found it a rather pleasant experience, no foul language and quite an amenable feel to it. I didn’t think it was that bad, as they told us. It might have been even interesting.