Being thoughtful

It’s a problem that I have been overcoming. With some of my work, a problem when I’m writing is saying so much that some paragraphs become cluttered or not saying enough when a thought should be expanded so as to provide the meaning. But I had to be more thoughtful about these difficulties. I somehow conquered this by getting everything in my head down on paper. And with a certain amount of editing, say it in such a way, that it’s clear. Being more thoughtful in other words.

Difficulties in writing can pass, but one must be aware of them first, for without awareness, then there is no rectifying.

So, I tried to sort it out with those pieces that on second reading sounded a little underdone or overdone.

Touch up

A gym trainer will take you through your steps until you get the exercise right. I used to go the gym and the staff were there to show me how to do the exercises the proper way or best way until I got it. In anything I do, it’s good to go through with it the right way or best way if I am not doing the procedure or process the right or best way. In writing, touching up my work is the final touch on a manuscript that may mean life or death to the manuscript. The touch up is the right thing to do for a piece of writing. It’s good to check my work for the final brushstroke as minor things can make a big difference. A touch up is essential to the process of writing. The intended meaning is communicated better with a touch up. Clearness and readability can be established with a touch-up. Sloppy work is transformed into clean looking work. I have learnt the touch up through the hard experience of producing work that needed more editing, even though it gets published. I learnt to do the touch up through thinking through my writing. However one gets to the point of the touch up, it will improve a piece.

When is the right time to submit?

Eagerness to submit and get published may prevent one from getting the piece right first. A fault of mine in submitting, which may still slip me up from time to time, is submitting before the piece is ripe. I’ve learnt something from this which I would like to tell others about. That the best time to submit is not immediately after you’ve edited something. If you’ve edited an article and it looks right, it may not look right in a week’s time. Giving the piece time enables one to see the piece afresh and iron out any more flaws. If the piece needs another edit, do so, but wait before sending it. Wait for a week or month. Then check the piece again. If by then one doesn’t have to revise the piece again, then submit.

The eye on it

Once this week I thought: I’m still ruthlessly deciding on what devotional ideas to use or not to use. If any are worth writing up formally, so I can relax by writing less. Now I says: The material’s mostly gone –been rubbished, binned and formally incinerated. Remnants, though, survive. Even those I thought I could recycle in another form are mostly gone. But as I say, some survived the burning process. And one has an eye on better devotions for the future.