I didn’t consider every publication, but I would have liked to. I think I almost did. It felt like it at times. With all that leg work, or my fingers doing the walking as I combed those writer’s guides. But although some were lucrative, and I could have made an effort to ‘cater to the market’, many would not fit in with me.


I try not to look like I support a theory. Theories are theories. I like to see an factual explanation. However, theories can be expanded upon as well, to come up with another theory closer to an explanation. Therefore, in my view, theories are not useless.

However, I prefer dealing in things explained or proven as using theories make me feel as if I am dealing in something untrue, until the theory is more supported by fact. However, theories can make reasonably interesting films. Here’s my review of The Black Hole (released in 1979 when I was none the wiser). Perhaps this film propelled some into engaging more in the universe and its mysteries and came up with discoveries unheard of before. Films can inspire.

Coming to a satisfying conclusion

I’ve removed the clutter of my notes and story ideas into a separate space so I am not reminded that I want to write those into larger stories. With that out of the way, the next step in my publishing journey is in finding suitable publishers for fiction and stories, probably for novellas, scripts and short stories, and poetry. In other words, thorough market research before any serious writing of new projects is done. I have been researching markets in the past at times, but this time, I am intending to look even closer, so I come to a satisfactory conclusion.