I’ve been thinking.

There’s a professional I know who sees things differently to many other professionals of his kind of profession. His views seem skewered and fit for the bin, but I wondered if I had been listening to his unusual point of view the right way. Was I putting him in a box? One sees in part, one doesn’t see the whole picture, until truly knowing someone, and even then, does one know?

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Standards in jest

“I find it hard to adjust to you,” he said.

“But I want to be this way,” she said.

“I don’t want to change,” he replied. She said, “But I only like you a certain way.”

He said, “Perhaps I should turn that side on and turn off the other stuff you don’t like.”

“Would that be too hard, dear? Do it for me and you’ll become a better man for it.”

“But I’ve been doing that for years,” he said.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice, but recently I’ve noticed a…”

He was thinking, I better not tell her about all the other stuff that was going on in my bachelor days. He yearned for the comforts of his long lost remote control where he felt accepted where life would go back to normal and this little conversation a relic of a bad moment.

But they accepted one another, essentially.

Loving enemies

It is easier to do good deeds for people who love you. But I find in myself a sense of pride can creep in. I get a little bit proud of my good deeds. And I may think it will get a great reward from God. The good deeds I do for those who love me are for those who will always love me back, but loving my enemies is the ultimate challenge because I love someone who does not love me, someone who is not on my side. Most of the time, I am loving those who already love me. Do you get the same feeling? 

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