Loving enemies

It is easier to do good deeds for people who love you. But I find in myself a sense of pride can creep in. I get a little bit proud of my good deeds. And I may think it will get a great reward from God. The good deeds I do for those who love me are for those who will always love me back, but loving my enemies is the ultimate challenge because I love someone who does not love me, someone who is not on my side. Most of the time, I am loving those who already love me. Do you get the same feeling? 

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There’s nothing like the feeling of relief when you know you’re done and dusted on something that had been following you around like an obsessive fan. But then you’re done with it–one can put that side of writing aside–and focus on what goes better. I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that side of writing is not the way to go. So, out it goes, and in goes what’s going to work better. In fact, it’s so major that it’s sheer peace to know it’s over.

The unknown

An underrated film is 1984’s 2010. I’ve watched it again and enjoyed every minute of it, more so than before. There is something spiritual about this film which for me gives it more buoyancy. It shows me there is something more out there and that someone is trying to get through to us.

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Knowing God

Knowing God, where a mind is illuminated to God’s reality, may come as an overwhelming surprise, but God is not out in some far flung super spiritual corner of the universe. One can know that God is real.