A useful word

There are one or two useful things that came my way, but that does not mean the sender of such advice has got it together. I reckon there’s quite a few chinks there, but there’s that one piece of God-send that is going to be useful. So, it can help–in writing, and anything else where the cap fits.

What one can deliver

Little things I pick up along the way…as I was reading a book, I stumbled onto a nugget of wisdom. The book appraised films for this or that reason and a reason a critic gave was personally illuminating. The critic said a certain director wasn’t prepared to go the places a subject or premise would naturally go. It clicked. If I am to write stories, write stories I am prepared to deliver on. Go to the places the subject demands. If I can’t go there, don’t write it.

Exploring something new

While on the road of writing, if it’s full-time, part-time, casual, or as one can write in-between the necessities of life, sometimes there’s the urge to reach beyond the boundaries of one’s normal genres of writing. I’ve desired it and tried it, but tended to fall back on the predictable or the road well-traveled.


I read a book about screenwriting by Oscar winning screenwriters and in that book there’s a bit of content I remember well. American Beauty’s Alan Ball said he put off his writing project because cleaning his fridge was easier. I know the feeling, but once I get into the project, and distraction becomes energy and activity, the challenge is getting it sounding right.

Is God interested in our lives?

Some philosophers have said that God has created the world and leaves the rest to our own devices. So, how can God be remotely interested in us? Yet if God hadn’t created the world, he wouldn’t be interested in us, but since God did create the world, he is interested in us. That’s one answer I have for the existentialist philosopher. God must be interested in people, since he first created human beings. It makes no sense to say that God created the world then having lovingly created human beings left us alone. God is very interested in our lives.

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