Styles can cross over into a hybrid style. It’s not only science that has hybrids. It’s languages as well. In my case, the English language, as a writer of English. I have lamented about some elements of my “Later style” and celebrated the style of the “Early” days, but when coming to the present day style, I’ve noticed it’s really a hybrid style. I’m recapturing again the early style, but the “Later style” has left traces as well.

Where one stands

There’s nothing like an older article, that one has done, to clarify where one stands on the topic at hand. One might find that one doesn’t hold that point of view anymore. It may be a memory of a distant past. This means one can go through life and come to a view that was different yesteryear. For me, I had taken a moderate view between two values, but one of those, eventually, may have had to give way.

Inspired to write

I happened to be reading a film reference book, back in ’98, which defined movie terminology, such as “post-modernism”. This particular term, post-modernism, was especially interesting, as it seemed relevant to a few films I had been watching at the time. The entry in the book opened my mind up–so I used it as the inspiration for a short piece I wrote for my movie column back then. Looking at the piece now, to me, it sounds strong and thought-provoking, but I also felt uncomfortable with it. Did I say that back then? Was it the right thing to say? Yet, overall, it does make an interesting point, a point which has sort of come together.

Still resonates

It’s great to read an old article of mine. What somebody said in it are quite simply words of wisdom and even encourage me today. I think that anyone who enjoys reading, will find that the stories and articles that they look back on, can still resonate, years later. It’s like those pleasant surprises one finds in the attic and the basement; a long lost card or report that surprises one and causes a most pleasant feeling to come over you.