In two-dimensions

In the throes of life, an artist happens to be picturing something in their mind, and wishes to translate that to paper. It may have arrived ‘through the ceiling’ as it was; or in the other words it just popped into their mind. It could come from observation of the real world; a landscape, a person; a thing. But like a camera the artist has a snap shot in their mind of something they want to put onto canvas or in a novel.

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Solitary letters

I , J , K , are solitary letters. In any kind of reference work they are among the few letters that have the least entries. For example. A movie guide is often alphabetical, but I find that the movie titles under the letters I , J , and K are few. For a language or English scholar this may be a reason to ask, why? Yet for anyone who is interested in the English language and the construction of words a reason to find out more. Why are I , J , and K among the most solitary letters? And when these letters contribute to words, they make for the most lonely of words.

What did you read today?

Why do you ask? Just interested. Okay. I read according to plan. The usual thing this time. Which was? Occasionally, it’s something different. Would you like to know what that was as well?…Well, let’s me start from the beginning. What I am reading….He started telling her about it. There was a smorgasbord of thoughts and ideas to continue talking about, that she only picked one or two, and from there the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.