Feels better than a straight out 'no'

Of a bunch of devotions I wrote for one publisher back in December 2019, one is being considered for the future. Won’t find out if it’s accepted for another year.

Going by past experience, the piece may or may not be accepted, as other devotions of mine have been considered for a year, and after a year of those being considered, some were accepted and others were not.

I just don’t know for sure if this latest one will be published. But it feels better than having it straight out rejected at the start. A long time to wait, for sure, but well worth the wait, because this devotion would be a strong contender, going by the fact it’s come this far.

The maturing of ideas

Ideas are written down, somewhere, somehow. The first idea I wrote down was pretty imaginative and ideasy, but I wouldn’t say the idea was ‘mature’. It had to grow somehow or be used in the appropriate way, be that I could make it in something good with the appropriate traditional publisher or if a script the right producer, or go the self-publishing route and all that entails for the author, or hit the delete button, if all else fails. But sometimes ideas just sit there and flounder and do nothing. This is good because they are left to grow as the writer grows as a writer and an author.

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