The maturing of ideas

Ideas are written down, somewhere, somehow. The first idea I wrote down was pretty imaginative and ideasy, but I wouldn’t say the idea was ‘mature’. It had to grow somehow or be used in the appropriate way, be that I could make it in something good with the appropriate traditional publisher or if a script the right producer, or go the self-publishing route and all that entails for the author, or hit the delete button, if all else fails. But sometimes ideas just sit there and flounder and do nothing. This is good because they are left to grow as the writer grows as a writer and an author.

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Hold that article

I thought I had a good if not great idea for a devotion based on my personal experience, but on writing it, I have second thoughts. Midway through, it doesn’t sound like the kind of thing they would publish. The publisher I had been thinking of sending it to, probably wouldn’t take it. The tone, the subject wasn’t right. But as always, it could be of use somewhere else. Another thought I had was to entirely transform the devotion with a new beginning and add the stuff I have been writing at the end. This may work, I thought. And it may be at least worthy of a submission to this particular publisher. Onward!

When an article is from the heart

I had this vivid dream which inspired me to write a devotion and as I was writing the devotion I thought that it sounded just the ticket. It was one that flowed from the heart. But publisher’s requirements meant that it was rejected at stage one of the process. Since it was from the heart, I should never darken the publisher’s halls again and say “stuff it”. But in the end, I will try and tailor a devotion towards that specific publisher. It worked before, it can work again. But perhaps not so much from the heart, or at least the heart-part is simmering underneath, rather than all over the devotion, to suit the publisher’s requirements of course. One gets over it quickly, though.

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The writer with entitlement [read: high level of motivation] is a storm force

Motivation can be an issue for a writer if not on assignment. I mean, although it’s possible for a writer not on assignment to be extremely motivated, it’s also possible that a writer not on assignment is unmotivated to produce their own material without much external pressure.

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Getting the job done

One of the pressures of being on “assignment” is getting the job done on time. It requires a little foresight and maybe planning. If one is very busy it takes astute time management around other activities, work and social life. If one has the time, being on assignment should be a breeze, but then again who has that kind of time these days? For most, writing on assignment requires time management to get the job done.

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