It is always wonderful to have a piece accepted. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and motivation to do more. It is encouraging. Not that I crave to be published. I do not even crave to be published with just any kind of publisher. That might smack of compromise if the publisher is not up by alley. Yet the thought may be present—just go if it, anywhere will do! I usually think twice, though.

A reason to keep on

I dislike my work being rejected. Loathe it. Who doesn’t? But being accepted after several rejections is a faith-building experience. I keep on going, then. It gives me a reason to keep on going. Why not? An acceptance of a piece keeps the ball rolling. Why stop? Only when my work is being totally outright rejected. When I get an acceptance, it will build confidence to submit the next one. It is like the tennis player scoring a game and goes ahead three games to two. There is a motivating reason to win the next game.


Motivation can come in waves, as can lack of motivation. The question motivational experts put forth is how does one stay motivated and enthusiastic during the ‘down times’? I don’t. I can process both the ‘down times’ and the better days. Both down times and good days require different responses. Personally, on a good day, I shouldn’t go with being so enthusiastic that I lose perspective and reason for being, because on another day, I’ll be thinking twice about what I did on a good day when I was enthusiastic. Did I do the right thing, then? On a not so good day, it’s about keeping negativity in perspective, but I wouldn’t be doing anything risky on those days, so have little to worry about. It’s on the more positive days that being positive can be so infectious that ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.

Storm force

Motivation can be an issue for a writer if not on assignment. It’s possible for a writer not on assignment to be extremely motivated, but it’s also possible that a writer not on assignment is unmotivated to produce their own material. But the writer with a strong level of entitlement is a storm force.