They tell me it’s so; the customer service rep, the company, the retailer. They tell me! And I felt it more now. I shouldn’t, but I did. And that we do, that I do, that you do, that no one else but you and no one else but me does. We are all special—as consumers. And when I am the customer service rep and the company man and get paid, I know how all those customer service reps must feel when they I pay them, because of my custom. It feels just wonderful.

Reality at every corner

Authors must face publishing reality. What ever that publishing reality is. Years ago, I ploughed headlong into my fiction thinking it would get published someday. But when I got rejection slips saying my fiction didn’t fit their publishing needs, I withered a bit, and learnt that I just can’t go in there and get my work published. If I want to get published with a certain publisher, it’s about knowing them very well, and catering the work to their publishing needs. This is the publishing reality I am talking about. It may even entail me reading what other authors have done with that publisher. It’s no easy path to getting the book deal. This may seem obvious, but to know it, rather than sense it, are two different things.


Finally getting on to some “market research” on a publisher. It’s called market research, the first thing I was taught at the Writing School before doing any actual writing. They told me, or my tutor told me, “know the market” before venturing out. Well, I sort of knew the market with a publisher, without studying it. I am even getting something published there. But the last letter I received from them was an encouraging, long “rejection” letter they only send to work that demonstrated some promise. I was told to study their publication more closely. So, that’s what I’m going to do, even after getting published there before.