Improve! Speak for yourself, someone says! Yes, I aim to, maybe you will, too. We’re all trying…Take the opportunity to improve your work by looking at your old articles, stories, and seeing if anything could do with a tweak or major revision. Any things you learn in your revising will spill into your current work and only improve it–and at a quicker speed.


Reading some of the romantic poems and literature that comes out of India, I saw a lot of heart brokenness in the stories, when one’s sweetheart leaves. It then occurred to me that these stories reveal much tender feeling towards love and romance. They way that the love wasn’t tossed into the dirt to be trampled over or thrown into the ocean with a million fishes eager to eat it up. I found the sensibility, the sense that love is treated tenderly, better than many romances that get produced in the English language.

A curious world

My dear boy, we never know what might happen to us. This is a curious world.

– Geppetto says to the young and unknowing Pinocchio, in the book “Pinocchio” (Chapter seven)


The glory and leadership of Jesus is predicted in the Old Testament, in the book of Isaiah, chapter nine verses 1 through 7. On the “Way of the Sea on the far side of the Jordan” Jesus will be their glorious king when other leaders have failed before him.