I listened to an older album this week, the self-titled debut Whitney Houston (1985), This album seems to be about love, but is more on feelings and romance than love. Love is equated with feelings, not actions, telling the truth, commitment, sacrifice. Love will act when one does not feel inclined.

That missing feeling

This week I listened to No Jacket Required (1985) by Phil Collins. This album is lifeless, I got nothing our out of it. It may have that thing they call “hook” (what do I know), but I do not get that “soul to soul” feeling, and I know what that feels like. The album is about a break-up it seems. I have never been one to initiate a break-up, so can’t relate to the fiasco.


I hate it when I get an infectious albums of songs but I don’t really, really like it much at all. That just flies in the face of all notions to actually buy the album and call it part of my collection. But one comes down on the side of common sense. My mind was wandering as I heard it, so I am adamant I shouldn’t buy this.


A judgment of a person based on a cultural understanding may assume things about that person, but it may be not open to the uniqueness of the person’s individual experience. Check things off the list of things that person may or may mot be.

The individual should be understood carefully as an individual. Knowing the uniqueness of each individual and human experience does not use select pieces of information to assess or judge a person but is open to understanding everyone’s journey. As a writer, this can form the basis of knowing intimately a character, perhaps uncomfortably so, and even then the writer is only representing the character and does not know everything about it.

In life, everyone knows their own journey and the load they must carry even if no one else really does know everything about it. But I believe we can try to know and carry each other’s burdens as much as sensibly possible. And even if no one does know, I believe God does know best anyhow, who can be a great friend in truly knowing us, when we are in good times or bad.