Cool view

A powerful force arrested him

And pushed him down the alley

Where he heard a clown

Speaking jests

I must have been so fooled by the sight

Like a vision made me see a whole other world, behind the wall

It blew my senses

Then, I was lost in my thoughts

Intrigue surrounded me

And I slowly felt my myself submitting to the sounds

Of my heart beating

To the rhythm of another unusual sight

Then, I saw this man standing there, this awkward looking guy

I kept going back to hear his ditty

It was kind of magnetizing me

I could not resist

He was so uncool

Then he showed me how cool he was, just for a moment

I was curious and wanted more.

I am his editor

Are you suited?

Today’s word is suited. It’s a word that means one fits in. In other words, you are suited for something or other. You have the abilities, personality, character for something or other that will make something you are suited for a success. I’ve liked that word. It’s a safe, secure word with definition. I know where I stand with suited. It’s one of those words where you just know the meaning. Because, I think, you and I know our limitations, we know when we are suited for something or other. For some tasks and jobs, it might just take a little trying out first. Then, we’d know if we are suited.


To do research.


Whatever. Just like to research.

A particular interest of yours?

No, just research.

Any research in particular?

Um, yes.


Annuals. Years in review.

You seem hesitant about telling me more.

What happened in 2020. I got to find out more.


We paused. I mean, there was more to it, wasn’t there?

I guess there was.

But what?

I don’t know. I wish I knew. Do you mean some sort of sign?

No. A brush with something.

I don’t try and find meaning in events. It’s too unknown.

But I do.


Because I just do. There must be more to this. The things we see.

The parameters.

That we put on life.

You want to see more.

Yes. I look for more.

What do you see now?

Tragedy. But I’ve never heard it said that way. It’s all been called death. Can anyone articulate why we can’t say it some other way? We’re too numb.

How would you say it?

I can’t. I just can’t. It’s like we can’t express the feelings behind compassion. We just say facts.

You feel deeply.

Yes, I do. I feel deeply.

Standards in jest

“I find it hard to adjust to you,” he said.

“But I want to be this way,” she said.

“I don’t want to change,” he replied. She said, “But I only like you a certain way.”

He said, “Perhaps I should turn that side on and turn off the other stuff you don’t like.”

“Would that be too hard, dear? Do it for me and you’ll become a better man for it.”

“But I’ve been doing that for years,” he said.

“Don’t think I didn’t notice, but recently I’ve noticed a…”

He was thinking, I better not tell her about all the other stuff that was going on in my bachelor days. He yearned for the comforts of his long lost remote control where he felt accepted where life would go back to normal and this little conversation a relic of a bad moment.

But they accepted one another, essentially.