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Explorer slash adventurer Charles Muntz, voiced by Christopher Plumber in this Pixar animation, was in South America, (the fictional?) Paradise Falls to be precise, in his Spirit of Adventure flying machine. He brought back home the skeletal remains of a rare, tall, two-legged bird, but scientists smelt a phony and Muntz is stripped of his awards and heads back to Paradise Falls to withdraw from the world.

Years later, Carl (Ed Asner), an elderly man, finds his family home is scheduled for the property developers, but loving his home, he concocts a plan to escape, and lifts off the ground, heading for Paradise Falls, where the explorer Charles Muntz resides…

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This is supposed to be a poem. I do not think it is. It does not look like a poem to me. More like an interesting conjunction of prose turned into poetry. From a review which sort of captures how I felt about a product.

Sad, melancholy, nothing that distinguishes itself, imagine listening to this driving, makes me feel dreamy and laid-back, but do lyrics ever resonant?  

Swirling head

A picture of a writer rejected:

I am coming down to the sad, quiet weeping of the the reality of being rejected as a writer, the sadness swirling inside the soul inside the place where the pleasant solar plexus should radiate the joy of life. Oscillating the choppy waters of feeling bad and how to better respond, but I don’t. My would-be books are on the backburner now–I will not touch them–they are not good enough as the rejection has shown. No, not at all. I will not do them. In the head space, a nagging thought about to interrupt the comfortability of giving up. I shouldn’t submit again, but maybe I will. Ha. I don’t feel like it…

In months if not weeks, maybe days, I will be back, when the moment arises.

Wait a minute

What’s going on in the world? I got to write about life.

The safety pin has been taken off much of the world and there were times when I had to turn off the television. Two news stories in particular interest me now: security in the USA and Covid19. But I realized that having a healthy outlook is seeing the world from my relatively safer corner of the world as the “new normal” at least in the meantime until these issues are sorted out, which I hope they will. I personally can do nothing more about the insecurity happening besides wash my hands and all that Covid preparedness. I wonder how others are doing?

A family member said don’t worry about this life too much. I wish others would take a minute and think that philosophy through. When we think that this life is not everything it can open up the possibility of relaxing on some things. There are some things that don’t need our involvement and when things get out of hand to really face reality and accept the truth. Just take a minute out to think about where certain actions will lead. In the meantime, I am accepting the “new normal” while the leaders figure something out and the people do what they can. And by an expert word, the stuff that is really shaking the world now will pass. Lastly, but ultimately, I remember to trust the Most High God–a beautiful description of God I read in Genesis and liked a lot.


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Just an article. They call it an opinion piece.

July 20th in the year 2019 was the 50th anniversary of the first man on the moon. The moon landing is portrayed in the 2018 drama First Man, and 2019’s Apollo 11, which was rolled out to theatres all over the world since March that year.

In New Zealand, the documentary was first played on the day of the anniversary of the moon landing, at the New Zealand International Film Festival. This is a significant date to show the film as it exactly coincides with the same day of the moon landing which reminds me that the showing of the film was like that of a world premiere. It was a special showing.

The landing is accepted by the majority, but there are those who have long contended that it never happened. Hoax theory debunkers successfully countered the conspiracy theorists who said that the moon landing never happened. They still maintain their stance, even in the light of the vast majority.

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