What did you think?

I am asked that question often, but now that people are apart, and I hear that question less often, I am asking it myself–to myself. Honest, straight answers that get to the crux of the matter and not things that just drop into my mind. Because, in conversation, one has to figure out a quick reply. In writing, one can compose a reply for months. Human conversations between friends can change now that we can use email and the internet as conversations can be composed rather than rattled of. Thinking before one speaks and writing that out thoughtfully before one replies. The space between us may be days even weeks before one gets back, but one has composed a reply that is meaningful, and lasts. This long term conversation is certainly good for relationships. It just has to come with a disclaimer: Please be patient. I am thinking about what you are saying.

Word clutter, meaning?

Can you see the meaning?

1.mug-gullible person, easily persuaded or deceived

2.adjective lugubrious.-doleful (mournful, dreary, dismal)

3.large thick-skinned mammal, noun: pachyderm, adjective: pachydermatous

(The Oxford Dictionary)

Saying ‘everything’

If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, the word everything‘s become computerized. But as a lesson in writer’s ABC, as a writer, you can’t say everything. That’s what they will tell you and it’s right. Although one may say everything, it’s quite vague. Everything is the short-cut when one can’t be bothered explaining what everything is. Or one is just ignorant and doesn’t know what everything is, one just feels it’s true.