The maturing of ideas

Ideas are written down, somewhere, somehow. The first idea I wrote down was pretty imaginative and ideasy, but I wouldn’t say the idea was ‘mature’. It had to grow somehow or be used in the appropriate way, be that I could make it in something good with the appropriate traditional publisher or if a script the right producer, or go the self-publishing route and all that entails for the author, or hit the delete button, if all else fails. But sometimes ideas just sit there and flounder and do nothing. This is good because they are left to grow as the writer grows as a writer and an author.

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Publishers and creatives may like stories to go on forever, if possible

Creators don’t like people saying that only 1 episode matters in their never-ending chronicles or series. It’s usually the first episode that matters, some people say. The creator says, it all matters (They also tell the picky fans to get a life. But that was about another matter, something more inherent in the series, the details, and not the broad outline.)

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