This transformation is a sight for starved eyes for the fascinating kind, but which reminds me that humans are never meant to be like their animal, be that insect, neighbours, a sobering reminder of our place in the world. I do not like gross, but there is some point to it all. We are not like animals, we are not like insects, as wonderful as these are. We are human.


How can a writer let humanity flow in their stories? How does a writer share the human touch that the readers need? If people are not relating to you humanly, there may be something missing in the relationship for them. Therefore, the “human side” rather naturally flows including when one is only using words in writing. For me, what is natural in some writings is being real and transparent. Being human is being real to the core (not having to say that all the time). Ideally, I am not pretending to be human for the sake of getting published (it won’t work and the editor will notice), but to be honest, while sharing those relatable human traits (liking coffee at 7AM) that make the reader relate while the emotional pull makes them empathize with somebody real.


The conversation would have gone like this so I imagine. We were in the studio, two of us sitting there. There was a song on the playlist. A decent song, about being faithful forever to this girl. The guy across from me said that song was selected because of its meaning. Faithfulness. I said, “Have you heard all their other songs? Affairs and yet another lover? So, I doubt your judgment. Your judgment is 1 + 1 = 3.” He looked down on that one, but in a moment, pressed the button and played the song. “It doesn’t matter, does it? It does not matter to what we are doing here.” I listened and saw what he was saying. Yeah, it was just a contradiction playing that song, but I pondered over that. Would someone notice the inconsistency? Would it be wrong? Was not enough thought put into it? Or, indeed, did it really matter to them? I went away that day thinking about the human soul and the intersecting lines through it, but without a critical voice to manage it, who would? I guess when it came to the fluidity of soul it all flushes out and works out in the wash. Tomorrow it will be forgotten, except if the critic appeared, to ruin the flow, a taste of whistleblowing.


I’ve been thinking.

There’s a professional I know who sees things differently to many other professionals of his kind of profession. His views seem skewered and fit for the bin, but I wondered if I had been listening to his unusual point of view the right way. Was I putting him in a box? One sees in part, one doesn’t see the whole picture, until truly knowing someone, and even then, does one know?

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With God’s power

The sin or base nature is in every human being which can cause a fully blown sin, an act of evil or darkness, something which displeases God. But God can give us the power to overcome. It’s the sin nature in us that can cause us to act out its propensities, in whatever form. The sin nature is inherited through the Fall. The sin nature is a base nature which has come to everyone. But God can help subdue the sin in us when we receive the power of God in our lives. God’s power can anchor the soul away from sin, but we will always have a nature prone to wrong while on earth. God’s power can overcome it, yet it can raise its ugly head from time to time. We can choose to ask for God’s power to help us in those times. With God’s power, we may get strong victories in some areas.