“She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes,” sang Johnny as he made it home. He opened the letterbox. “Oh, well,” he said. The parcel had not come. Next time, he thought. It will come.

The next day, he sang the same song as he walked home. But the parcel was not there.

Johnny became a little anxious. Would he even get his parcel? He went into his bedroom and laid on his comfy bed. Rest after a hard day’s work and something came over him. A sense of sheer hope that his parcel would be coming—sometime.

A grey day today

Bad days are gone, grey days instead. In the grey days it’s not so bad. The day may be grey. A rejection letter that sounded like a gentle let down. A letter from the editor that while the piece hasn’t been accepted, it’s on the short list. Tiny bits of encouragement woven in. With that little bit of encouragement, one is encouraged to do more.