Putting away a story

It’s with reluctance that I put away some stories. Something about them just won’t go. It’s not the writing quality, but the sense that there was unfinished business. Something was left undone or unhinged. One can’t go back, of course, but the slight pain one feels is regret. It happens once or twice, on the big stories. But this post is saying: I’m putting it to death and down to experience.

Filmmakers don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story

I was pleasantly surprised to find in the post, one day twenty years ago, a clipping of a published article of mine and a cheque for a certain amount. The following article got published and it’s about film and history. On retrospect, it’s not a thorough article as I could have cited some filmmakers that seem to follow historical fact closely, which would have been the exception, apparently. For my article, it’s about the right to tell a story versus the facts of history. I interviewed three people on the subject and two were producers, one a teacher of history. Here it is as it was published.

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