How can you know yourself if a piece of writing in a new genre you are exploring is good or not? When there few examples to compare with? Be an originator rather than a follower?

Hopeful now, he said

As long as one does their best at a new genre, if one has the time and commitment to do so. At some stage one will see where one’s writing in a new genre will lead. For now, a moment of hope. I want to hold onto it. May it last. Where will this lead…

What if?

I call this writing experimentation “writing exercises”, like we did at school. A writing exercise has a time-frame to complete, a certain amount of words to finish, and is a certain genre. At the end one discovers if one is going to realistically be a writer in that genre…or could improve…on the way.

‘Repressed’ images

What’s been on mind some of the time is the differences between satire, parody, pastiche, farce, and so on. They are all very interesting genres and I kind of fancy them a lot. Would like to even use sometime as the ‘images’ floating around in my head are kind of conducive for this format of writing at times. Last Saturday in particular was a field day for imaging a parody. I guess it’s coming out somehow…