Saturday morning

Saturday morning, with a zest in my stomach, a zing in the air, and a thought that everything is going well. The bright, big day was a foreshadow of what was to come. As I checked my email, as I usually did, a sigh of relief overcame me as I received that email, the one I’d been waiting for. In fact, I wasn’t expecting it, resigned to defeat it would never come. But there it was, saying hello with a smiley face, welcoming me to explore further. It wasn’t my worst nightmare, a scam email. It wasn’t a family quarrel or discontent. I wouldn’t have to suffer the nightmare and agony of going through the process of a scam, as I watch my life go down hill, unbelievably, shockingly. I wouldn’t die a little more inside with someone’s tiff being aired, either. But here was a little gem of encouragement in one little, but significant email.¬†With a spring in my step, I got up and did a dance. Yes, Saturday mornings are good, indeed.