I try not to look like I support a theory. Theories are theories. I like to see an factual explanation. However, theories can be expanded upon as well, to come up with another theory closer to an explanation. Therefore, in my view, theories are not useless.

However, I prefer dealing in things explained or proven as using theories make me feel as if I am dealing in something untrue, until the theory is more supported by fact. However, theories can make reasonably interesting films. Here’s my review of The Black Hole (released in 1979 when I was none the wiser). Perhaps this film propelled some into engaging more in the universe and its mysteries and came up with discoveries unheard of before. Films can inspire.

Dixon inspires

Author’s note: This article published 2015.

Grant Dixon, a documentary producer and Baptist church member, sees the coming decade of broadcasting on internet as similar to the first few years of NZ on Air. Then, when broadcasting was all new, there was an opportunity for newbies to get in on the bottom floor. When TV3 began, they were willing to take risks to break the TVNZ stranglehold.  

According to Dixon, the internet is now in a similar wild-west time.

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Moving on a bit

As part of my writing journey, an important part for me, is reviewing what I have already written. It came up with some pleasing reactions, but also some disappointed ones, but through it all, it made me aware of always thinking through an article or piece thoroughly first.

A pleasing reaction was on reviewing an old film review, as the film’s story dawned on me brighter than it ever had. It was an invigorating feeling when I realized this is one of my essential films. It became as clear as crystal why it was an essential film. So, it was a true ‘moment with a movie’.

And these are the moments I want to express clearer at my The other movie blog about ascertaining why a film is suitable seemed irrelevant in view of what were my real moments with movies. So, I move on a little bit more than before…