There are the usual habits of the writer, but for me one of the most important one is “waste not, want not”. Life can be a garbage can at times, in that things gets thrown around and thrown out. The ideal is not to waste anything. As a writer, this means to not waste a word, a paragraph, and idea, that may be of use somehow, somewhere. Of course, I fall short in executing this 100 per-cent, but the principle is something I want to abide by, from what’s in my room, to the cupboard, generally speaking. Waste not, want not also means that anything I buy is used economically, from food, to CD’s.


Observation for me can be a discipline to concentrate on the world around me and write from that, but observation is useful in writing, of course. My art teacher said to me, “Look at the world first, then go into the mind.” It’s something to apply when I catch myself wandering in my imagination a bit too much when the task requires more concentration on what’s in the world or right in front of my nose. Because it seems that art is based on something in reality–which people, my readers, can relate to.