Watch your language

Writing can be an instinctual process. Sometimes, I may not be thinking too much about what gets put down on paper or how my words are looking on the computer screen. The writing can get ahead of me. But if I am not careful, I may say something unintended. Must consciously pay attention to the text: watch my language and take care of the expression. This care in writing is to make sure of the intended meaning; say something the way it’s meant. Even if I mistakenly communicate an unintended meaning, I’m not going to lose myself over it, but cannot emphasize enough that getting the text in its intended form will prevent a lot of heartache especially when it comes to the major points. This is especially true when it’s utterly imperative one gets it right in all aspects, in the newspapers for example, or a novel. But even websites as well would do good by adhering to a rule of thumb: say it right way, and get the facts correct, at all times.

A little uneven

Ever thought an article of your’s that was published sounded uneven? Like some parts could have been better, but other parts were good. But in the end it sort of comes out in the wash and the effect of the article actually says something well. That’s a bit of a strange working, if I may say so. That’s how writing can go, for one reason or another. The writer, on a reasonably off day, may not be 100 percent “on the ball” but gets it right in how it all jells together. Uncanny. Maybe the writer was so enthusiastic in writing the article, and side stepped thinking it through, as it appeared to sound okay as is. With the published article, the blemishes showed through a little (at least according to the writer), yet the article still works (according to the writer, again)!

Being thoughtful

It’s a problem that I have been overcoming. With some of my work, a problem when I’m writing is saying so much that some paragraphs become cluttered or not saying enough when a thought should be expanded so as to provide the meaning. But I had to be more thoughtful about these difficulties. I somehow conquered this by getting everything in my head down on paper. And with a certain amount of editing, say it in such a way, that it’s clear. Being more thoughtful in other words.

Difficulties in writing can pass, but one must be aware of them first, for without awareness, then there is no rectifying.

So, I tried to sort it out with those pieces that on second reading sounded a little underdone or overdone.