Editing or posting

There’s satisfaction in knowing that the writing piece one has done is the best possible work one could have done, and with a conscientious editor, who fills in the flawed parts with a deft touch. However, in my experience, some editors or admin staff of online publications don’t really edit, but they are what some call, posters, in that they post the piece without editing it. If this is the case, the pressure is on the writer, quite unfairly, to produce the quality edit that an editor would have.

Saying too much

There’s the ability of the tongue to say too much in everyday conversation, that one is embarrassed by the end of it. But with an editor, the writer who says too much, is going to have his words cut down markedly, where necessary. There isn’t usually an editor for conversations, though, where one can’t take things back or cut them out. Words can sort of linger in the air…and depending on who’s there and if they don’t like it, the atmosphere can come down like a lead balloon. With an editor, there is a way to cut down on extraneous material and save unnecessary embarrassments. Because readers, like listeners, have ears, too.