It is with deep regret that the gains made with the quality of the air seems to be coming to an end outside my window. I still use courier, though.

New Year’s

Your strength holds the mountain up,

such is the power that wraps you;

you calm the clamour of the ocean,

the clamour of its waves.

The nations are in an uproar, in panic

those who live at the ends of the world,

as your miracles bring shouts of joy

to the portals of morning and evening.

You visit the earth and water it,

you load it with riches;

God’s rivers brim with water

to provide their grain.

[Psalm 65:6-9; Jerusalem Bible]

God gives life

God is a giver of life. Through God all things that are good were made. This life is given to all people as God’s creations. God breathes life into us, animates our being. The breath of life is a wonderful thing, from above, in us, through us, around us.