I really felt blah reading the Bible this morning. But I give it time and tonight get on top of it, if that is the right expression when one reads the Bible. The prophets are especially hard to read in the morning. But never give up is what I think.

The way of the Write

This week has been seeing several devotions sent off to the same publisher, which is a record of a sort. One I did a month ago was rejected by the same publisher. However, two weeks ago, one was accepted for publication–by the same publisher. That is the way of things. The way of the Write. At least this time. And two of the ones I sent were recovered from the rubbish bin, which was pleasing to see they didn’t come to waste.

Body of work

Every writer wants to be proud of their body of work. There are various and different bodies of work that individual writers work at. One is the article genre, for example. Another is the review. And yet another is poetry, and so on. I’ve done articles, reviews, devotions, so far. I aim with my devotional work to have a body of work I am pleased with and proud of. The others I have done, the articles and reviews, I wasn’t consciously aware I was creating a body of work, although I see now that I was. Unfortunately, of some the reviews I still have published online, I am not particularly proud of them entirety. Some parts sound great, but sometimes the flow is cluttered, which means I was overflowing my sentences with too many words that needed a simpler expression. Maybe I’ll just have to live with what I’ve done online in terms of reviews. Ideally, I would have liked an almost perfect body of work, that is tight and focused, like writing reviews in one genre and nailing the reviews. But someone who reads them may think differently. Ideally, a writer wants to have a sense of pride and satisfaction in all their various bodies of works, so what this takes is a concentrated, deliberate, and careful effort, that executes a body of work with defining features, with each part a shining example.