When on assignment, it’s a good idea to have back-up pieces or articles in case the piece I’m working on isn’t sounding right for the publisher who’s assigned me. I’m glad I have a number of devotional pieces filed away because the one I’ve been working on isn’t just right. The one I may use instead was intended for another publisher originally–but is a better fit for the publisher I’m writing for. Stress-less.

Wishful thinking

I have seven devotional ideas to write into devotions, with probably more inspired by my readings each day. I don’t like to have devotional ideas on the back burner, because I like to have nothing devotional pending on any given day. Ideally, I like to write a devotion a day based on being inspired by my Bible reading that day! No inspiration, no devotion, in other words. But I have seven devotions pending…Is there such a thing as being over-inspired?It’s nice to start on a blank page. With nothing to call a “workload” or “catch up”. But I’m not complaining about that. Grist to the mill!

The eye on it

Once this week I thought: I’m still ruthlessly deciding on what devotional ideas to use or not to use. If any are worth writing up formally, so I can relax by writing less. Now I says: The material’s mostly gone –been rubbished, binned and formally incinerated. Remnants, though, survive. Even those I thought I could recycle in another form are mostly gone. But as I say, some survived the burning process. And one has an eye on better devotions for the future.