Just a Gigolo is a song that’s a metaphor: we really don’t matter as life will go on without us. Sobering, yet amusing song. Yet even if this is true, that life somehow does not need us when we fade away or pass away there is an untruth to it, as our lives do go on.

What material things we have left behind matters to who we leave it behind. What we have stood for and valued goes on in the minds and memories of the living although we are dead. Who we are leaves an indelible mark on our loved ones and those we were in influence of.

Yes, our lives go on when we pass away and what we do while living matters now and then. Certainly, if we can get our business straight if things are undone, what would it be? I know I have to make a will at some stage so I am thinking seriously about this.

All things great and small

The mouse gnaws away at the edges of the door. An insignificant mouse. With such overconfidence and audacity to go above its station, urging itself on. Making an open way, it scatters into the wide expanse of the dining room, its appetite a constant concern. It almost urged the door right open.