‘Repressed’ images

What’s been on mind some of the time is the differences between satire, parody, pastiche, farce, and so on. They are all very interesting genres and I kind of fancy them a lot. Would like to even use sometime as the ‘images’ floating around in my head are kind of conducive for this format of writing at times. Last Saturday in particular was a field day for imaging a parody. I guess it’s coming out somehow…

An idea

One idea can produce two ideas, but they both take a different slant, that’s the difference. For example, take this premise, as comedy for a Hollywood blockbuster that would get one star from the critics, depending on how well it was done, yet with the potential to be a bomb. A man spent ten years of his life around a lot of people and got so sick of them that he decided to isolate himself from people because he enjoyed the other half of his personality better and settles down with him, but his friend tries to get him back into socializing with people and to see the good side of humanity. In the end, he comes around to see the good side. That’s a silly comedy. But I can change the ending and the whole tone of the idea to sound like an arty drama. In the end the person stays away from people for the rest of his life and there is no seeing the good side. That’s a German drama. I would write neither.