Time is not managed where I am. It’s more that that. Time is the price for not getting things done. That’s when time is a headache. Conversely, time is the vehicle for getting things done, but it is going to run out and I am going to get older. But if one still thinks one has time on their side, time is about looking ahead optimistically.

Former things

There is such a column called where were you? What it means is where were you at such and such a time, usually a significant time like events of some magnitude. The author, usually someone well-known, relays their memories of being somewhere during a significant event or the person was actually at the event that impacted many. Some may have been at home when this was happening, they seen it on television, and because they are a celebrity and have some invested interest in it may tell others about what they remember of that time and what it meant to them.

Bloggers and ordinary, everyday people should be able to do this sort of column as well. It is something that is instinctively human–to remember where one was. Something triggers it and the memory surfaces. The trigger could be an article. It could be a conversation with a former friend one runs into, a television program about a historical event, an old song. Whatever. I love these kind of articles. They are instinctively interesting and I love writing about my memories of past moments–which seemed to be forgotten, but something triggers it back.