I don’t make a habit of reading obituaries or what is called the death notices, but as part of my reading The Film Year Book Volume 5 (edited by Al Clark), I am finding myself delving into the lives of who died in the film industry during the 1985-86 film year. It’s in these obituaries that we get a good look at how one’s life panned out in the long run.

The book’s obituaries are to the point and informative giving me a solid summary of the cast or crew member who died and many interesting moments of a life.

I was amazed at how the obituary columns came together, as back then the information was not as easy to come over as it is today, with the advent of the internet and what not. Without meaning to sound macabre, the work gone into them makes those death notices all the more special and awe-inspiring. I think I will never look at a death notice the same way again.

Being an author

Why be an author? I mean, an author of books. This is the question I ask myself and I come up with the same answer, which is really a question. Am I committed to being an author of books? Commitment, I believe is key, if I ever do become a published author with traditional publishers. I must be committed to the whole process and have enthusiasm. This is why, I must believe in the publisher–a publisher which i am enthusiastic about. This is the key in deciding on a publisher. If keen on the publisher, perhaps deciding on being an author will follow. I may like the publisher so much I cannot help myself.

I remember looking at traditional book publishers online a couple of years ago. Of the ones liked, I didn’t like their requirements. An author should market their work in partnership with the publisher. An author must attend interviews to promote their work. I didn’t want to do all that. And like any other job, I rejected being a book author. But from time to time, I got to thinking, I’ll give it a go again. This is one of those times. As thinking on it, in the end, I am not committed to the process of being a book author…which means my ambition may suffer, but I get to think outside the box of just being a book author. There are other things that I can get involved in, and writing things other than books.