The Imitation of Christ

The Imitation of Christ was originally written in the Middle Ages by a monk, Thomas A. Kempis. It’s mind blowing devotional literature, to use the modern expression, but firmly in keeping with the essence of the best Christian devotional literature that points to God.

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Commitment level

I’ve discovered over the years, in my writing adventures, parts of the writer’s life: desire to write, research, writing, promotion of a book, and there may be others. Each part requires commitment, but it may be that I find commitment easier in one part than another. For example, do I have enough sense of  entitlement to promote my book? Am I committed to the promotion? I guess if there is any hint of reservation in any of these parts then it may be best not to do it and don’t waste a publisher’s or my own time. Maybe stick to what one is committed to and work the rest out from there.