Commitment level

I’ve discovered over the years, in my writing adventures, parts of the writer’s life: desire to write, research, writing, promotion of a book, and there may be others. Each part requires commitment, but it may be that I find commitment easier in one part than another. For example, do I have enough sense of  entitlement to promote my book? Am I committed to the promotion? I guess if there is any hint of reservation in any of these parts then it may be best not to do it and don’t waste a publisher’s or my own time. Maybe stick to what one is committed to and work the rest out from there.

Never say die

With three publishers wanting to see my work, you’d think I’d be happy about that. Well, I am, but it’s just three isn’t it? It’s casual writing work. Short writing or thereabouts. Like it. Would like more avenues but am grateful for what’s in the writing department.