Just a Gigolo is a song that’s a metaphor: we really don’t matter as life will go on without us. Sobering, yet amusing song. Yet even if this is true, that life somehow does not need us when we fade away or pass away there is an untruth to it, as our lives do go on.

What material things we have left behind matters to who we leave it behind. What we have stood for and valued goes on in the minds and memories of the living although we are dead. Who we are leaves an indelible mark on our loved ones and those we were in influence of.

Yes, our lives go on when we pass away and what we do while living matters now and then. Certainly, if we can get our business straight if things are undone, what would it be? I know I have to make a will at some stage so I am thinking seriously about this.


What is the difference between Return of the King and Return of the Jedi? They both have Return of the part…but Jedi starts with a J and King starts with a K. K, the King is the difference. Or is that J the Jedi?


With so many different expressions of church I wondered who best represents Jesus? Is it the loving, generous, kind church? Or the militant, forthright church that has its “heart in the right place”? The one that listens and shares? Or the one that preaches and cares? I think that either of these expressions, as I have described them, are not only inadequate expressions of a church, but don’t really describe who Jesus really was, and is, the true, authentic Jesus.

I think most striking thing that can happen in a church is that Jesus uses that church and blesses someone. That is something special. One of the things that churches have done, is being a somewhat gifted, but flawed and imperfect, yet most of all functional vehicle for the blessing of Jesus in people’s lives, spiritually and otherwise.

The thrill of it all

Someone may think that a writer is avoiding writing by posting four or five continuous film reviews, but as well, this week has been market research day for possible future endeavors and projects. One does get a thrill from deciding what publishers may fit or not. At least its not on the other foot, the other foot being mine, where publishers dispense with a submission at will.