Image control and public relations or people made in the image of God? God doesn’t need image control or to manage his own public relations. I just don’t like using that business/marketing terminology to God! It is not true of God!

Not for granted

My devotion was written, edited, submitted, now in process of a month’s evaluation by the editors, then I am notified of its status. Writing it was a bit of a labor, even at 300 words. It’s just getting it right that counts even with good material — I do not take for granted getting a piece rejected these days, after several set-backs where my work, which I thought was good, was rejected.


With a little help from my friends.

* * *

It is no surprise that the original Lord of the Rings film lies somewhere in the shadow of Peter Jackson’s visionary works of The Lord of the Rings.

The original from 1978 has obvious differences to Jackson’s threesome and most noticeably it was animated, but is quite comparable in its approach to some scenes, voices (Gollum’s), and other characteristics.

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