If Allegro Non Troppo was a film to see in 1979, but was released in Italy in 1976 and the rest of the world later, then another film seen in 1979 was, among a few others, Apocalypse Now (1979).

Forget Agatha, Airport ’79-The Concorde and The Amityville Horror. Some were a bit kind to Animalympics, but co-winner of the Cannes Film Festival Best Film award (in 1979), Apocalypse Now! is a stand out of cinema and perhaps the definitive war film from the 1970’s (not recommended for instances of violence, language, and nudity, though…just so that you know what to expect)—

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Switching off

The only television I sit down and watch, apart from the occasional sports game, is the news. So much of it these days is especially bad news, but some would say I am getting older, so I just see it that way, and with that I would not agree. One should see what’s happening in Europe, the UK, and especially the United States of America, and the Middle East, and almost everywhere else for that matter. I have found news about the United States especially acerbating. Therefore, I decided to switch off the television for a month or longer. In times like these, I need the simple pleasures to keep positive. In my ‘island’ away from the world, it only makes sense to maintain its peacefulness and not let the world in. But I felt it: what is happening throughout the world is terrible indeed. For me, I have a choice to switch off from it all for a while. And that I am doing. I have found the break very soothing so far. My alarm clock is set for January. Wake me up then. I will sleep through the alarm clock.

Time is of the essence

To say time is of the essence is a cliché that gets used over and over again, but having thought about it, it is something coming true in my life. In relating time management to what I do with movies, I was considering watching a number of different films, but realized that I only have a certain amount of time on earth, maybe twenty, thirty, forty years or so more, so I reckoned that it’s best to watch those films that won’t waste my time and I can write about with some meaning. I trusted the movies would not be time wasters and that I could cover a century of film (or whatever) by choosing what mattered, without crossing some of my no-go areas. Problem is that some of the films that are worth it, and may be no-go areas, are actually the ones worth seeing for their social worth.