“She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes,” sang Johnny as he made it home. He opened the letterbox. “Oh, well,” he said. The parcel had not come. Next time, he thought. It will come.

The next day, he sang the same song as he walked home. But the parcel was not there.

Johnny became a little anxious. Would he even get his parcel? He went into his bedroom and laid on his comfy bed. Rest after a hard day’s work and something came over him. A sense of sheer hope that his parcel would be coming—sometime.

Ludicrous labels

Just watched an advertisement that harped on about how we have progressed from riding horses to better dairy, but to say we have progressed is ludicrous. With donkeys and horses there was no significant air pollution, but with the advent of cars and planes, there is massive wide scale air pollution. Industry was progress, right? There have been cows to produce diary and ways to get around, does not mean life has got even better today. To say we should conserve the past is also ludicrous, as the past does not necessarily translate to the present effectively, but neither does the impetus for progress make any progress. Life isn’t conservative or progressive, it’s an ever decreasing circle as we go around in circles, slowly winding down. But we are inspired to live and get through with the things, the resources, and the kind of life the present has to offer, and hopefully, I would say, with God in our view. Life can be good because we are all spirited, animated beings who are alive. The human race has a history of such aliveness. I can write like there’s a world depending on it, and something can crop up that makes life in the present all the more better for living. Knowledge brings power to get along, but power should not control. Skills are valuable. There are reasons to live. The fact that we are alive is a purpose to keep on living. But not to serve Satan at a weak point, for from human weakness comes war, violence and chaos, but we can serve God at our strongest point and give to others in need. And I would say that the living Christ can regenerate our souls and spirits quite magnificently if in a moment of his grace we do receive it. Seventy odd years on earth with him by our side, strengthening and guiding us, followed by eternity with him, in paradise. A simple acknowledgement of Christ can be a faith that God accepts with the promise of eternal life and lead us on a journey towards knowing the living Christ more…life can be good.


Busyness de-centers. It puts one off-kilter. Busyness escalates tension. I don’t like the word busy. I want to be centered. Yet some people will insist on busyness; in front of me! All coiled up, but should unwind…busy people sound to me as if they are doing nothing of worth. In a flurry, without reflecting on a thing. It sounds as if nothing gets done. Calmness and serenity centers, putting peace through one’s soul. A good place to be when one is working.