Manic (2020)

Manic (2020)—as the title suggests or doesn’t—is delivered downbeat, a collection of angsty songs that seem to have a personal connection to the artist (seemingly by the lyrical content) involving breakdown, break-up, hang ups and deft-defying crashes with reality. There is even the unfortunate foray into a raunchy moment, which comes off as shock effect than artistically honed.

As an album delivered to the popular mainstream, the consciousness of the masses may or may not take this in its stride at all.

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One out of the bunch

Thinking I was some kind of expert on U2, with reviews of their early albums posted about two years ago, I realized that I did never like that much their early albums anyway. It’s okay for those kind of reviewers who can appreciate their early material, but it was The Joshua Tree (1987) that made me aware that were actually other U2 albums out there, not that these early ones resonated much.