In sum, why can’t we live in peace? This is not the world we live in. We do not live in a world of peace. There are people in serious conflict with each other, in some kind of way, on one day or another. Even with some hurt towards their creator. The reality of the world is that people do have a choice in a free world over their lives, but it is rather too simplistic for Brothers in Arms (1985) the album to assume that the world is simple enough to be at peace and in harmony. As if a choice would bring peace.

The world is complex. If one opened up a gospel to the section on peace on earth one may be surprised that Jesus ‘meek and mild’ the Son of God said that he did not come to bring peace on earth. Was Jesus more in touch with reality than us? Did he accept that in the world there would be trouble? Jesus who came as God’s ‘representative’ to bring the further interests of God to earth yet was knowing of reality and its troubles.

Yet we know that because of troubles Jesus does not leave the scene without leaving comfort for his disciples. They were even commissioned by Jesus to spread this comfort and his Good News to lost and troubled people.

But when they spread the message, the disciples would face conflict and not peace. Some people strongly resisted believing in the message and its ring of truth.

Hence, no peace, But: “In this world you will have trouble. Take heart, I have overcome the world,” he said to his disciples–which is His grace and peace to a mind that transcends the understanding. A lovely garden for the soul.

Peace can be found in Him.


I listened to an older album this week, the self-titled debut Whitney Houston (1985), This album seems to be about love, but is more on feelings and romance than love. Love is equated with feelings, not actions, telling the truth, commitment, sacrifice. Love will act when one does not feel inclined.

That missing feeling

This week I listened to No Jacket Required (1985) by Phil Collins. This album is lifeless, I got nothing our out of it. It may have that thing they call “hook” (what do I know), but I do not get that “soul to soul” feeling, and I know what that feels like. The album is about a break-up it seems. I have never been one to initiate a break-up, so can’t relate to the fiasco.


I hate it when I get an infectious albums of songs but I don’t really, really like it much at all. That just flies in the face of all notions to actually buy the album and call it part of my collection. But one comes down on the side of common sense. My mind was wandering as I heard it, so I am adamant I shouldn’t buy this.


State of the world

Without you to say so would make a better world

What lies behind those words of yours?

Describing the effects of the fall in today’s world

Can you say it more honestly?

Until I know you mean it

And the hints of sincerity become

Soulful rhymes.

Maybe I should listen to a soul album instead.